Product Type: Oxygen Sensor Tester - ST05

Notes: The ST05 provides a simple interface for test and diagnostic on any Oxygen Sensor, to quickly determine whether the sensor is defective and needs replacement. It is designed as both a stand-alone tool or as a complement to any scanner during the diagnostic process, and is compatible with all types of Oxygen sensors: Zirconium; Titanium 1 volt; Titanium 5 volt; Wide Band "dual-Cell"; and heated or unheated (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 wires).

The ST05 is simple to set-up and use, and provides the means for fast and accurate testing, showing the sensor's output signal in real time in a bar graph, which allows to diagnose "Lazy" sensors which may not trigger DTC's but cause driveability problems. It also display cross counts on an alphanumeric, can simulates rich and lean conditions, and has a test mode to test the sensor's response time giving a Pass or Fail indication on a large display. Sensors can be tested ON or OFF vehicle, and it does not require time-consuming set-up or in-depth knowledge.

Oxygen Sensor Tester - ST05
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